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Inspired to produce unyielding results. These roadsters can be bred with AMG DNA, tapping into every mode with strategic brilliance. Performance controls fall readily in your hands, and animated displays dance across your dash timing every lap as if the road was adorned for you. Unleash the visceral growl from these beasts, and watch the fire-breathing action ignite the road ahead. Contact Carey for an exhilarating test drive you won't forget.

If you choose an AMG handcrafted engine it is not only the heart but the soul of your vehicle. With the “One Man-One Engine” philosophy this AMG is refined, polished and sealed with the signature of the creator. Harness the wind with the top down, in this lightweight exhilarating ride. A timeless creation of a sports car inside and out with innovative technologies to maximize every ride and ensure a lifetime of spirited journeys. Every element is aligned perfectly to premium status, from impressive materials used to cushion your ride to the potent powertrain. The Mercedes-Benz Roadster experience is like no other. Connect with Carey, our AMG expert, for your private test drive today.

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Conveniently located in the Calgary Auto Mall, off of Glenmore and Deerfoot.  Contact me to get your journey on the road.  Call at (403) 473-8354 or fill out the contact form and I will reach out to you as soon as possible. 

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