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SLC Roadster


The SLC Class has earned every right to its recognized name. The popular class is much more than just a powerful drop top. It is amped up in every way, with tweaked engine features and the delivery of freedom on a silver platter. The 20 second retractable hardtop is a signature in its class with an electric trunk divider that leaves ample storage space, or choose between two panoramic roof options available with a tinted see through pane or a MAGIC SKY CONTROL variable tint. Its power hardtop is indefinitely the industry’s most elegant. Bountifully delivers optimum smooth and potent power that quickens your pulse, a gratifyingly responsive feel. The SL clings to roads with desirable ease and an optional suspension that adjusts seamlessly continuously adapting to road conditions is just one of the reasons the SLC is a trophy. Designed to keep you comfortable for the long distances and energized on the open road. Interior that proves the wind is not the only thing blowing your mind, with premium quality materials and control systems with innovation that lasts a lifetime.

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