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We aim to provide “The Best or Nothing” at Mercedes-Benz, we believe in one hundred percent honest and transparent associations. Therefore, we have chosen to provide this step-by-step process to outline what you can expect from the moment you begin the process with us to the very end. We will first walk you through the design process from our heart and soul in Germany, then proceed unto what to expect when you first step into the dealership, until the moment you drive off the lot with your brand new Mercedes-Benz. 


The process begins with the Mercedes-Benz Soul. From Germany to Canada Mercedes-Benz aims to have the highest quality from the very beginning. The work that goes into designing a Mercedes-Benz requires passion and immaculate attention to detail. The entire process from the start of the design process to the time the vehicle model is accepted could take up to three years. During this period designers invest immense creativity and all of their energy into continuously creating “The Best or Nothing” in every case. 

After the initial transcribed sketch, the vehicle is fine-tuned in such a way that ensures the graphics, proportions and the dimensions are coherent. It is then made into a clay model, allowing the professional designers to review the vehicle and analyze every aspect of it. 

A large team of experts will agree on the most aerodynamic, and perfect design, paving the way for a grand reveal. Scanning and milling machines are used at this point to create the perfect prototype and the details are finalized by hand. The process of inventing the interior comes after, beginning much the same as the exterior; a sketch that creates a visual aesthetic appeal and the most functional design. Then proceeding to choose color, control and display and adjusted specifically to represent complete luxury in every essence of the word. 

The final step combines both the exterior and interior into one vehicle model. A team of experts will then begin to fully assemble each individually manufactured part to complete this highly sought after vehicle. After a long process of creativity, skill, work, performance testing and most importantly heart and soul, the fully assembled Mercedes-Benz vehicle is then released into the World. 

It starts with you:

As a consumer you have every ability to begin the process at your fingertips in the comfort of your own home. It is said that 98% of clients have done some form of research before even stepping foot into the dealership.  

It is absolutely not necessary to fill out a credit application before coming into the dealership, however if clients wish to speed up the process they are more than welcome to download the Credit App here.

Once taking a step inside the dealership, our clients will be presented with a full snack bar, cappuccinos, lattes, tea and water before the appointment even commences. Clients will then meet with Carey whom will ask a few questions in order to determine what clients wish to accomplish in their visit. As Carey states in his mission statement ‘next to purchasing a house, a new vehicle is probably the second largest purchase a person will make in their lifetime’. He ensures no aspects of clients’ needs, wants, or desires gets overlooked. 

The process from start to finish is all about you, Carey will ask a variety of questions usually along the lines of:

  • Why Mercedes-Benz?
  • What are you hoping to accomplish today?
  • What are you looking for in your next vehicles?
  • From equipment, to style, to preference, to choice… What are your priorities?

Next, depending on what you are hoping to achieve during your visit, Carey usually commences a test drive, and/or review of pricing solely due to the fact that Carey hopes to be as transparent as possible aligning ideals and values. 

During the test drive, this is the optimal opportunity to get a feel of the vehicle. From how it handles, to how it maneuvers on various road conditions, to ensuring it lives up to your every expectation. Carey takes the test drives with each and every client with an affirmative approach, in a low pressure environment, and a friendly manner, one will never feel obligated or pushed into a deal.

Under special circumstances, clients are more than welcome to take extended test drives. In order to take an extended test drive we do require advance notice prior to the appointment. Extended test drives are available to clients whom wish to test the vehicle and determine if it is the perfect fit for their lifestyle and can range from half a day to overnight.

Once returning from the test drive, Carey takes time to answer any lingering questions and/or concerns you may have from the test drive. If need be, from this point forward it could be back to square one in finding a more suitable vehicle. Carey approaches every client with patience and priority as no two customers are the same. 

Negotiating the deal subsequently comes afterward, ensuring our clients are 100% satisfied is our absolute priority. Once a deal is set; you will meet with the business office to finalize the offer, and they will review the last bits of information such as extra protection for the vehicle, what to expect upon delivery and set a date. 

If you had chosen to build your vehicle from the ground up, you will be updated along the entire process. These updates will include, the date that the vehicle is set for production, when the vehicle is being built and when it is finalized. The moment your vehicle arrives at Boat/Rail clients should already be aware of the date of delivery, and any information pertaining to it until the date your vehicle arrives. 

Prior to delivery, you will receive an email prompting for the setup of MercedesMe Connect. Unfortunately MercedesMe Connect is only available on models 2019 or newer and is not available on the B-Class. All valuables should be cleaned out of trade-ins and clients should have all necessary forms with the plate they wish to transfer if that’s the case. 

Behind the scenes; we are polishing your vehicle to sparkle from the inside out. Your vehicle is getting detailed, washed, 3M is being hand placed on your vehicle by our specialists and much more. We are also coordinating any special accessories to ensure your Mercedes-Benz is absolutely perfect for you.

Delivery date! This is an extremely exciting time for everyone involved in the process. Firstly you will be once again greeted by Carey and promptly taken to the business office for final signatures and payment if necessary. If this is your first Mercedes-Benz we will take a tour showcasing the process of how our Service and Parts department operates and what to expect when bringing your brand new vehicle in for Service. 

You will then be escorted to the delivery bay where your car is awaiting you, and introduced to one of our two delivery specialists. These delivery specialists will walk through the vehicle from the inside out. Their goal is to assure you are one hundred percent comfortable with how to operate each and every aspect of your vehicle before the delivery is done. At this point they will thoroughly review MercedesMe Connect, demonstrate every single feature on the vehicle even to the extent of showing you how to comfortably let it park itself and much more! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

There is quite a bit of information to take in on your delivery date. Therefore, if any clients should feel as though they are not one hundred percent comfortable with every piece of technology and functionality their vehicle has to offer; we absolutely do offer second delivery appointments completely complimentary, at a time and date that works conveniently for you. This can be coordinated through Carey or directly through on of our Delivery Specialists. 

After delivery, clients will be prompted to fill out a review with Mercedes-Benz Canada, this survey directly affects our dealership. The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is crucial for us at the dealership, it is one of our major driving forces in the auto world right now. We value your feedback, and your satisfaction with the process is of top priority. 

We will keep in touch with you even after the delivery, whether it be with Service/Parts or any lingering questions and concerns that may arise please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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