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The AMG Driving Academy of Canada is a fully immersive experience in which AMG drivers from all over Canada are given the opportunity to delve into the wonderful world of Mercedes-AMG high-performance driving. Learn the complex driving components and techniques specific to AMG vehicles, and discover how critical elements such as weight transfer, vision, and vehicle control systems affect one's driving behaviour. Have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of 23 Mercedes-AMG vehicles and have the chance to rotate through the entire-fleet, learning each vehicle and the proper manipulation around the track. The ultimate experience for any AMG fanatic, the variety of courses includes Performance, Advanced, Pro and Pro Plus.


Performance: This course covers the beginner components to the AMG vehicles, from taking the corners precisely, to maintaining proper vehicle balance and trail braking. Lapping is also done in this course with a coached group inclusive with instructor feedback.

Advanced: Building upon the fundamentals, this course includes advanced vision with visual scanning/cornering vision, instructional cornering and braking techniques, all vehicle dynamics and managing the balance and traction. This course delves into data analysis and tracking results. Beginning in the class one will experience lapping at increased speeds and testing skills in a competition.

Pro: This is the most intense AMG course offered within the academy. Fine-tuning high-performance driving skills are given more time and bigger challenges to face via free lapping on the track. In-vehicle exercises include such things as advanced lapping/coaching sessions, extensive braking and cornering techniques, vehicle dynamic study and managing balance and traction as well as data collection and analysis.  

Pro Plus: Acquire the skills needed to qualify for an official ASN/FIA Canada Competition Racing License. This course includes individualized advanced coaching, inclusive with video and data analysis, perfecting one's race-craft, performance vision, and review of track racing regulations and rules. 

AMG Private Owners Lounge

The AMG Owners Lounge is an exclusive community that unites AMG enthusiasts Worldwide. As a member of the AMG community, one gets member benefits that allow AMG owners to access insider knowledge. The AMG Private Owners Lounge exposes AMG owners to valuable contact networks and exclusive insights unto the world of AMG. The key to this exclusive access is the chassis number of your Mercedes-AMG. Therefore, it is a members-only community providing AMG owners with an engaging community of free giveaways, raffles, and access to exclusive events for AMG Private Lounge members only. Be a part of the largest community of Mercedes-AMG owners in the World!

AMG Car Club of Calgary

The concept of the Mercedes-AMG Car Club of Calgary was conceived in 2018 by Carey Bymoen himself. Creating a community within the city to unite AMG owners. Bringing together drivers and friends for competitive or casual events, offering a platform to ask technical questions about both the newer models as well as vintage models of AMG. Exclusive access to event announcements, access to information and resources to enrich your Mercedes-AMG ownership experience. Carey’s passion is AMG and he has worked tirelessly to continue the community within Calgary itself, offering a unique commonwealth of event announcements, and resources to enrich your Mercedes-AMG ownership keeping you connected with enthusiasts alike. Whether you are interested in learning techniques, technical, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of other Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts MACCC is your secret ticket.

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