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Concierge service, a term that has been known for centuries taking the form of various meanings from one form or another. The word itself, ‘concierge’ has evolved independently from the French translation ‘comte des cierges’, meaning the ‘keeper of the candles’. The keeper of the candles profession has been traced back to the medieval era; where French noblemen left the care of their candles, its residents and their superior guests in the entrusted hands of this individual. They were confided in, and ultimately responsible for the keys of the castle. Perhaps this is why today's concierge service is evident throughout the realms of luxury living for those looking to allocate resources to others whilst they focus on other consuming duties.

With Carey's expertise, professionalism and extensive knowledge, he has been acclaimed the AMG Expert of Lone Star Mercedes-Benz. A reliable and entrusted source of information, with assistance in all aspects of service. First and foremost the highest standard of concierge service is evident in everything from the first greeting to the last handshake.

His educational background includes a BA – economics/international relations – from the University of British Columbia, and 20 years of hands-on training from some of the most esteemed leaders/coaches in North America such as Dale Carnegie, Mark Anthony, and Duane Marino. Carey is also an 11-time CMDA Sales Person of The Year award recipient as well as a president circle member for Mercedes-Benz Canada.

Carey has gone out of the norm of the typical services offered at dealerships, such as picking up one's vehicle whilst they are out of town, booking any required service appointments, answering all warranty inquiries as well as alerting clients of any approaching deadlines, and more - essentially all communication of anything and everything to do with a clients Mercedes-Benz vehicle. There is a certain level of excellence that comes from a luxury car brand and a superiority that is provided with the highest level of service. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Carey is very familiar with the specialists in the industry including third parties, and the top experts to get his clientele the most out of their required services and delivery any needs and/or wants they have. Entrust your keys with an expert - and we promise, we’ll keep them safe. 

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Conveniently located in the Calgary Auto Mall, off of Glenmore and Deerfoot.  Contact me to get your journey on the road.  Call at (403) 473-8354 or fill out the contact form and I will reach out to you as soon as possible. 

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